The past and the present of the Company can be portrayed in a desire of absolute excellence in the creation and production of knitted goods. This objective is achieved, day after day, through a constant search for the highest levels in terms of product, service, innovation and conservation of experiences, to achieve the best quality and the most complete satisfaction of our clients, stakeholders and final consumers.

Lunaria Cashmere operates in a sector, top-of-the-range knitwear, which even today, despite the use of the most advanced machinery and systems, bases its foundations on the artisanship and the quality of the people, increasingly more qualified, to ensure a high standard of product and respectfull of the enviroment.

The Company recognizes the centrality of human resources in the belief that the main success factor of every Company is the professional contribution of the people who work there, in a framework of loyalty and mutual trust.

To this end, the Company promotes the protection of safety, health and hygiene in the workplace and considers it essential, in the performance of economic activity, in addition to the respect of workers’ rights, compliance with all national legislation aimed at protecting workers.

“No individual can play a symphony. An orchestra is necessary for this to happen. ”
H. E. Luccock

The success of Lunaria Cashmere is based on the adoption, by each of us, of shared rules and values regarding ethics, social responsibility and respect for the environment, which guide our behavior every day even beyond the sphere of the company.

The adherence to these shared values has always played a role of primary importance and has always been promoted. In fact since its foundation, the Group:

  • verifies that its practices reflect the highest standards of integrity, accountability and respect for their partners;
  • offers a welcoming working environment that allows employees to fully express their talent and demonstrate their experience and professionalism;
  • offers a welcoming working environment that allows employees to fully express their talent and demonstrate their experience and professionalism;
  • participates thanks to its activities in the development of the territories in which it exercises its local activity;
  • it mobilizes resources and skills at the service of initiatives and programs of patronage, to allow everyone as much as possible access to the wealth of the artistic and cultural heritage.
  • This objective rests on two fundamental values shared by everyone who is part of Lunaria Cashmere:
  • creativity and innovation: creativity and innovation are part of our DNA. Over the years, they have ensured the success of our Maison confirming its legitimacy. The combination of creativity and innovation is the foundation of our Maison and ensures a delicate balance, necessary to renew our offer with an eye to the future, while respecting our heritage;
  • excellence: as we embody the world of craftsmanship for what most noble and refined can offer, we reserve particular attention to detail and perfection. We do not accept compromises on quality. It is in this continuous search for the excellence of our products and services that our difference is based and that allows us to face the challenges of the future by focusing on innovation and growth.

Lunaria Cashmere respects the rights and fundamental principles in the workplace, and in particular:

  • the elimination of discrimination in the workplace and profession;
  • the elimination of all forms of forced labor;
  • the real abolition of child labor;
  • promote a work environment that respects individual dignity

Lunaria Cashmere is committed so that each of her collaborators can enjoy their rights regardless of skin, color, sex, religion, political affiliation, ethnicity or social factors, age, disability, union membership, sexual orientation or gender identity.


Environmental sustainability, in addition to representing a fundamental ethical theme, is recognized as a lever of business and recovery of competitiveness for companies and “Made in Italy” supply chains that continue to show a strong focus on strategies for continuous improvement and the desire to concretize the principles underlying “sustainable fashion”, a concept that was married and developed by the Group in “sustainable luxury”.

We consider protecting the environment not an obligation, but a duty. The design and manufacture of luxury products require innovation, creativity and perfection. The ability to operate effectively with full respect for the environment is an integral part of every phase of this process.

Patience and long-term perspective are the basis for the growth and development of Lunaria Cashmere. Our products, made from rare and exceptional natural raw materials, concretely represent our search for perfection, sustainability and transmission of the craft heritage. This long-term vision requires respect for nature, which plays a key role in our success.

Lunaria Cashmere strictly respects laws, rules and regulations applicable to the environment. The Group aims to apply even more stringent criteria than those required by the regulatory provisions, meeting the needs of the company. These commitments are reflected in these key principles:

  • aim for a high level environmental performance;
  • promote collective commitment;
  • keep environmental risks under control;
  • design high quality products that combine ecological innovation and creativity;
  • push the commitment beyond the boundaries of the company;
  • safeguard natural resources and integrate the environmental dimension.

We invest in adequate human and financial resources, hoping for a continuous and dynamic improvement of the environmental situation for the benefit of our customers, collaborators and society in general. This ambition is reflected in the following areas and objectives of shared priority:

  • improvement of environmental performance throughout the entire life cycle of products, taking into account the environmental impact from the design phase;
  • secure access to raw materials while ensuring biodiversity protection;
  • traceability and conformity of raw materials and substances;
  • improvement of environmental performance in production sites and boutiques;
  • sustainability of the product life cycle and repairability;
  • As an integral part of the Maison’s strategic plan, the environmental challenge must be supported by specific medium and long-term action plans. The Group and its partners work together to improve practices taking into account environmental issues throughout the value chain.


    • Products goal: to improve the environmental performance of all our products.
    • Supply Chain objective: apply the highest environmental standards to our supply chain.
    • Water efficiency objective: to make wasting water more efficient throughout the production chain.
    • CO2 target: by reducing CO2 emissions generated by energy consumption. The short supply chain and the streamlining of the logistics and production that derive from it, increase the value created by the company and serve the principle of making the product greener by drastically eliminating CO2 emissions due to the movement of the same, thus producing a lower environmental impact.
    • Objective sites: to improve the environmental performance of all production sites and stores. To help combat climate change, Lunaria Cashmere has given priority to improving the energy performance of retail spaces. The first lever is the implementation of LED lighting (Light-Emitting Diode, or light-emitting diodes), which reduces energy consumption by 30% on average compared to traditional lighting. Lunaria Cashmere is committed to equipping all of its new LED lights stores and already uses this technology to illuminate 100% of existing boutiques by encouraging the switching off of the lights at night outlets to reduce energy consumption. This practice has led to significant energy and economic savings
    • Objective Raw material: From the birth of the Hircus goat to the production of the finished handmade garment, our cashmere is by definition sustainable. A production that integrates the principles of environmental health with the efficient use of resources. The fiber that the goat hircus produces is completely natural, a perfectly renewable resource. The flock that lives on pasture has positive effects on the soil and on the territory, increases biodiversity, improves the quality of the land; they are “recyclers” with low energy consumption, not dispersing any resources and improving their use.
Lunaria Cashmere operates in complete transparency regarding the protection of personal data, in full respect of the privacy of its customers and acts concretely on the environmental protection front by seeking to apply even more stringent criteria than those required by the regulatory provisions.


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