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A journey through a dream designed by Nature and accomplished by Lunaria.

The history and the present of the Company are defined in a desire for absolute excellence in the creation and production of knitwear garments. This goal is achieved, day after day, through a constant search for the highest levels in terms of product,

of service, innovation and preservation of ancient experiences, to achieve the best quality and the most complete satisfaction of our customers, stakeholders and end users.


Collection Autumn Winter 21/22 


Collection Autumn Winter 21/22 


Collezione Autunno Inverno 21/22


Collezione Autunno Inverno 21/22

Lunaria Cashmere works the noble yarn with great craftsmanship rigor, transforming it into light and soft garments that with their embracing warmth offer you an authentic and refined pleasure. In the Lunaria Cashmere collection you can breathe a classic soul, a timeless allure, declined in the volumes and shades that best express the pleasure of the present.



Lunaria Cashmere

Via Gustavo Benucci , 200, 06135,

Perugia (Italy)


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